Even if you are in a difficult situation right now, if everything is bad, there is no need to spoil the mood of others and get angry because someone is feeling good and having fun. I’ll make a reservation right away: this is not about neighbors who bawl songs behind the wall at four in the morning. They really do harm. Breaking boundaries. And sometimes it’s just someone else’s holiday. Everyone is so cheerful, joyful, smart, everyone laughs and smiles, carries gifts ... And you stand sad and poor on the sidelines of life. Or even on the bridge. And you think it would be nice to jump from this bridge. Or something else hopeless you think...

...I don't know what the poorly dressed old man, who was reeling in the line, was thinking about. He was fishing from the bridge; stood in the morning. Caught nothing, no luck. Fishing failed. And next to the old man sat a piebald dog, also waiting for the catch. But the old fisherman caught nothing. And then there's the wedding going on across the bridge! Noisy village wedding; everyone is walking and talking loudly, singing and laughing. All fish will be scared away! They are happy, but the old man is sad. He didn't catch anything. We must leave with the dog, carry a fishing rod and an empty bucket. Good mood in Moscow.

But now the wedding procession caught up with the old man. And he smiled all over his wrinkled face. He took off his skullcap and waved it in the air. And joyfully congratulated the young, with all my heart! And the dog barked loudly and stood up on its hind legs. So what if the fishing didn't go well? But people have joy and should be congratulated. Rejoice in someone else's happiness.

They thanked the old man and invited him along; politely and kindly. And half an hour later the old man and the dog were eating barbecue together with everyone in an open cafe on the shore. Shish kebab, ribs, echpochmaks - triangular pies, belyashi and various goodies. Music played, everyone danced and had fun. The good-natured fisherman was completely happy, he was even invited to dance, but he did not go, he only sang along about the gray night. And the dog in front of her eyes grew fat, like a ball.

Life is changeable. Now you are standing on the bridge with an empty bucket; it's time to reel in the rods. Nothing good will happen anymore ... But then other people appear, a holiday begins, an opportunity and a chance appear. The main thing is not to get embittered and not angry at those who are doing well. We must be able to be happy for them and congratulate them, if necessary. And then everything can change for the better. I see this often.

Who knows how to rejoice in someone else's happiness and congratulate on the holiday, he will also receive something good. A piece of happiness, like a piece of birthday cake; why not? Happiness is enough for everyone. The main thing is to be happy for him, even if he is sad. And it will draw attention to us...